How to Survive Living by Homeless


There are about 80,000 homeless people, also known as homeless people, in Italy (but certainly the number is much greater). A huge number that makes us immediately understand how this condition, although problematic, allows a perfect survival.

The important thing is to know the sources of livelihood that, in our days, are more than enough for everyone, even for this very large population.

This condition has recently become a real life choice. Many people, belonging to any class and social category, suddenly choose to change the course of their existence. Tired, perhaps, to pay taxes, the standard of life in society, more or less heavy commitments and the frenzy of everyday life, prefer to close in a new world, that of the homeless. Moreover, those who take this path often do not do it for economic reasons.

Here’s how to live as a homeless person

The art of arranging is the first rule of life that must immediately take the upper hand.

The shelter where to live and where to shelter, in case of bad weather or at night, can be chosen among many alternatives such as, for example, the hall of a door, a sheltered corner of a courtyard, under a bridge or a large cardboard box .

Idormel cold is the number one enemy for the disadvantaged. For the clothes there are no big problems whatsoever. It is sufficient to rummage in garbage bins or, better still, in those dedicated to the collection of used clothing: there will certainly be something useful. Alternatively you can ask directly to some parish or caritas.

Setting up a complete clothing is very simple: a scarf, a coat, heavy shoes for the winter and wool sweaters are easily found. The lucky ones can spend the night in the rooms of the railway stations, often heated by radiators.

The greatest difficulty is in finding food. But even this factor, today, is easily overcome.

Many municipal administrations dedicate homeless special facilities in which they can consume a free hot meal. Even many parishes offer the poor a warm dish, a piece of bread and lots of human warmth.

It is then easy to find, in the street, some pious soul that gifts of milk, fruit, bread or other edible stuff. The most desperate can find the unsold goods of the day before at the bakery or ask for waste at the restaurant. At the limit, alms is the winning weapon with which you can make ends meet for a few days.

The proximity of a dog is often essential for a homeless man. The true friend of man never looks, in fact, in the portfolio of his master but simply in his heart and in his soul.

The cleanliness of one’s body is, of course, a factor that is almost completely lacking in these conditions. Public baths, in these cases, are a great help. Even a small supply of water in your shelter can be very useful.

Even if the homeless people are fairly supportive and the homeless are always available to each other, there is no lack of episodes of raids, thefts or discomforts in general. Especially at night, the defenses must be increased, especially if you are sleeping inside the public gardens, where the vandals could leave an indelible mark.

One of the greatest dangers is, naturally, represented by diseases. Since we live in close contact with the garbage and extreme climatic factors determine the worst living conditions, pneumonia is one of the most common diseases among the homeless. There is no remedy, unfortunately, to this problem, if not be directly taken care of by the heads of the medical sector.

In any case, those who undertake this kind of life, do so to escape a type of society that has come to create, often severe and indifferent to the various problems of this poor people, but often he is happy to be a homeless or clochard .