Anker folding solar panel


Nowadays we are invaded by a myriad of portable electronic devices, some, often of dubious usefulness; others, on the other hand, can make the difference in emergency situations.
Whether it’s a smartphone, a GPS, a radio or a tablet, they all have a common denominator and in a sense an Achilles’ heel: battery life.
To make up for this problem, today we review a really interesting product: Anker Folding Solar Panel. The manufacturer, Anker, has seen us along and designed a 14w folding solar panel. Whether for a campsite, an excursion in the mountains or just to have a source of electricity in case of emergency, this little device knows how to assert itself.

The folding solar panel
The Anker Folding Solar Panel opens through a flip-off closure and is made up of 4 mono-crystalline solar panels, a pocket containing 2 USB sockets and an extra space for storing power cables or devices.
Taking advantage of the 4 eyelets arranged at the sides can be attached to the backpack, the tent or a tree.
Equipped with “PowerIQ” technology, USB ports can read any type of device that is Apple, Android, etc.
Designed to power 2 devices, through 2 USB ports, it manages to deliver up to 2A / 5V which makes it suitable for loading GPS, MP3, tablet and smartphone navigators.
The panels are covered with PET plastic, hardened and melted in a polyester supporting structure which gives it extreme solidity and strength both at impact and atmospheric conditions.

– Portability: 27x17x4 cm for 770g of weight;
– Excellent value for money;
– Charge also with cloudy sky;
– Reasonable charging times, 2h from 0 to 75%;
– Solid and recyclable materials;
– Anchor eyelets;
– Double USB port with “PowerIQ” system;
– Infinite energy at no cost;

– It is not possible to recharge laptops, notebooks or other devices that require more resources;
– At the first use, the smell is not the best. It is not very important for our purposes, but it is still worth pointing out.


Some practical uses
Suitable for multi-day trips, where a powerbank may not be enough, we will have our power outlet always within reach of a backpack.

Personally I always associate the solar panel with a 12800mAh PowerBank Anker. Then I connect the powerbank to the output of the solar panel and from the output of the powerbank the smartphone thus avoiding the “overhangs” due to the momentary lack of sun and to have a continuous current output regardless of the weather conditions.

In addition, I recommend it to anyone who wants to have an additional emergency power source.
In case of SHTF it can load any type of equipment up to 2A. If connected to a USB charger you can also recharge flashlights and devices compatible with AA – AAA – 18650 batteries.

Anker folding solar panels, due to their small size, make them an excellent item to insert in our B.O.B. / B.O.V. and they can be truly providential in a potential emergency, of course … weather permitting!